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The IB Diploma Programme: Admissions

at Thomas Jefferson High School

DP is Open to All

Interested in pursuing DP coursework at TJHS? It's simple: DP courses are open to all TJHS students in 11th and 12th grades who have successfully completed prerequisite coursework for the courses they wish to take.

Students already attending TJHS because it is their zoned school or because they gained an open enrollment seat in 9th or 10th grade have full access to the Diploma Programme, including pursuing the full IB Diploma. There is no additional application to make.

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Students in the 10th grade residing in the City of Richmond who would like to transfer to TJHS to participate in the IB Diploma Programme in their junior year may do so by completing an application through the RPS Specialty Schools application process. Applications generally open in October and are due at the beginning of December. See the RPS Specialty Schools page for the latest updates.


For more details about accessing RPS IB Programmes, please see the document Access and Admission to RPS Secondary IB Programmmes on our homepage.

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