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(CLASS OF 2025)

Summer 2024

Creativity, Activity, Service

Assessment Progress
Review with OSC
Biology and Physics: Review with Kerboodle



CAS does not go on break! It requires active student engagement over 18 consecutive months. Students working for the IB Diploma and others working on this requirement must demonstrate their consistency with CAS experiences over the summer. See the CAS website for ideas and information. Log your progress by keeping up-to-date with your documentation on ManageBac.

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This summer, work to be sure your Internal Assessment is ready to go in January. This includes:

  1. Establishing your research question

  2. Finishing your background research - finding, annotating, and identifying what evidence you will need for your final report (minimum of 4 sources)

  3. Your procedure plan

  4. If possible, data collected, or know how you will collect data if you need material or equipment you don't have access to.

See the Internal Assessment documentation and resources for further information.

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These IB assessments were due during Junior Year. Work to complete any that are outstanding before school starts again in August.
To be eligible for a score from IB, you must submit all assessment components for each course or  requirement.

DP English: Language and Literature HL and SL: Internal Assessment (Individual Oral)

DP Math: Applications and Interpretation SL: Internal Assessment draft (Mathematical Investigation)

DP Visual Arts HL and SL: Comparative Study

DP Music:  Exploring Music in Context draft

Theory of Knowledge: Internal Assessment (Exhibition)

Extended Essay: First Submission

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Keep your knowledge active by using the OSC Study app to review and learn. Just log in through ManageBac and navigate to the OSC Study app option on the left-hand menu.

An effective way to use this app is to set aside 45 min/day. Spend 15-20 minutes on the world language you are studying, then for the remaining 25-30 minutes, rotate day by day through the other subjects you are taking. When working with the study guides, take notes and make flashcards of your own. Begin a regular study practice now and carry it through to the IB exams in May--it will make a huge difference.

DP Spanish HL and SL: Access flashcards.

DP History HL: Access study guides: focus on Authoritarian States (20th Century) and Causes and Effects of 20th-Century Wars.

DP Biology HL and SL: Access flashcards, a study guide, videos, and practice exams.

DP Environmental Systems and Societies SL: Access flashcards and a study guide.

DP Physics SL: Access flashcards, a study guide, videos, and practice exams.

DP Math Applications and Interpretation SL: Access flashcards, a study guide, videos, and practice exams. You can also access a study guide on Pre-IB Maths to review supporting concepts.

 - Other Review Apps - 

DP World Languages: Duolingo

DP History HL: The US Civil Rights Movement, Study Questions about US Civil Rights

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Log on to for review activities aligned with the Biology and Physics textbooks.

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